#Fundright joins Diversity VC movement to become part of a global benchmark for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion best practices in the VC industry

Fundright will broaden its scope internationally, and becomes part of Diversity VC, the global benchmark for DEI best practices in the VC industry, as of 1 April 2023. This international benchmark will give stronger incentives and help set a new standard for Dutch VC, as they witness that international co-investors and LPs will demand better D&I performance. Techleap, as a facilitator of Fundright, will build further in the coming months on the partnership with Diversity VC and transfer its role to this global organization. As their Dutch Chapter, Fundright will be part of the international community of Diversity VC with wider visibility both towards startups and future LPs, providing the motivation to accelerate towards more DEI.

Further communication will continue via Diversity VC channels, please visit https://diversity.vc/. The Fundright website will cease to exist as of September, 1st 2023.

Breaking down barriers to provide fair access to funding and business opportunities.

#Fundright is a movement initiated by Dutch VCs and Techleap aimed at ensuring a more diverse ecosystem

We’re here to change things

Our goal is to reach a diverse ecosystem by 2023:

  • All participating investment companies and the management teams of their current portfolio companies will have a diverse mix including 35% women.
  • A considerable percentage of the companies (co-)invested in are (co-)founded by a woman.

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0% by 2023

Why #FundRight

Only 16% of VC firms invest in mixed or female founded startups

87% of VC firms in the Netherlands have zero women investors

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Together we can make a difference. The #Fundright movement was founded by 25 leading investors (VCs and Regional Development Agencies).

We’ve since grown to 53!

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A lot of investors struggle to find companies that are (co-)founded by female founders. That's why we created an overview with 200 inspiring startups.


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