Breaking down barriers to provide fair access to funding and business opportunities.

Why #FundRight

We are a network of Dutch VCs who have committed to #FundRight in order to create a diverse startup ecosystem.

Our commitment

Currently only 2% of all Dutch VC capital is invested in female-founded or female co-founded companies.

Discover our members

Together we can make a difference. The #FundRight movement was founded by 25 leading VC firms. We’ve since grown to 41!

Our committed VC's

Committed VC's

Female Founders

You can't invest in what you can't see. That's why we created a bidbook in which we present 200 inspiring startups - that are (co-)founded by female founders.


Join the #fundright movement

It’s time to take a stand for a more inclusive future. If you’re a VC Firm based in the Netherlands, you can join the #fundright movement by filling out your information here.

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Community Insights

Find out how joining #FundRight has benefited our VCs. Here you can find blogs on topics such as ensuring (e)quality in the assessment process, how to move from pledge to action and what it's like to be a female VC in the Netherlands.

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Knowledge is power. Get started with our Resources and Reports.