About Us

#Fundright is a joint initiative by supportive VCs and TechLeap.NL. #Fundright is launched on July 10th, 2019 by 25 founding VC’s.

The founding en supporting VC’s aim to strengthen the Dutch startup ecosystem by making is more divers. Inspired by the research of Janneke Niessen en Eva de Mol (d.d. 27-09-2018) and shared experiences of Eline Leijten, founder of Plugify and ambassador of diversity, the 25 founding VC’s have joined forces with Janneke, Eva en Eline and have started #Fundright.

#Fundright invites all Dutch VC’s to join!

#Fundright invites all female founders and startups with a divers founding or management team to present themselves on the #Fundright website