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Guus Frericks


the Netherlands

Funding type

Pre-Seed | Early Stage | Follow-up

Focus areas

Deep tech | Energy transition & sustainability | Security | Health & care | Agriculture | Water & food

True disruptive innovation and company resilience can only be achieved through diverse and inclusive teams. We believe everyone deserves a chance to bring their best possible version in a safe and fulfilling professional environment.


A hands-on deep-tech investor, connected to a valuable ecosystem that helps overcome the challenges of deep-tech.

We are dedicated to support Dutch deep-tech early-stage startups and scaleups that leverage defendable core IP based on key enabling technologies, to solve societal biggest challenges. We combine deep-tech know-how, entrepreneurship, and VC investment experience. To avoid the common pitfalls and accelerate the time to market, ventures must be connected to a world-class ecosystem. That is why DeepTechXL leverages the unique skills and the networks of leading tech corporates, knowledge institutes and regional and national impact investors.

We look for disruptive technologies enabling innovation with real impact on one of our focus areas, and we look for very talented people with complementary skills that care deeply about working in teams.

We believe great teams using great technologies make great companies.

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