Committed member

Fair Capital Partners

Michelle de Rijk, Impact Investor


Western Europe, The Netherlands

Funding type

Impact Investing

Focus areas

Sustainable Energy | Energy Savings | Fair Food Systems | Circular economy

“We truly believe that in order to achieve our goals, diversity is key. Acknowledging this is a first step, acting upon it is the necessary second. Being part of Fundright will help us in this process, it will impact our decision making processes and eventually will lead to a diverse and inclusive portfolio”


The Fair Capital Impact Fund invests in companies with a green mission that help cure the world in an entrepreneurial way. A world in which the natural boundaries of the planet are respected and humans live in harmony with nature instead of exploiting it. And a world in which people treat each-other fairly and equitably and where everybody has a chance to participate regardless of place of birth, education, disabilities or gender. Examples of investment areas of the Fund are fair food, sustainable energy and circular economy.

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