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ROM Utrecht Region

Joyce Houterman, Investment Manager


Province of Utrecht and Gooi- & Vechtstreek

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Early Stage | Later stage growth

Focus areas

Health | Digital | Sustainability

"Diversity is key for building strong teams and take innovations to the next level."


ROM Utrecht Region, the Regional Development Agency of the Province of Utrecht and Gooi- & Vechtstreek, supports innovative entrepreneurs with advice, network and financing in order to realise innovations in the field of health, digital & sustainability. We have 3 main activities:

  • Innovation & investment: programs to support start-ups and scale-ups in different stages of their life cycle and investing in innovative start-ups, scale-ups, and SMEs.
  • International: international trade support and attracting international companies and investments to Utrecht Region.
  • Impact: promote and stimulate collaboration between innovative companies, knowledge institutes and the government.

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