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StartGreen Capital

Laura Rooseboom, Managing Partner


The Netherlands

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Debt | Early Stage | Crowdfunding | Seed

Focus areas

Impact Investing | Circulair Economy | Diversity | Energy Transition

"At StartGreen Capital we believe in diversity, equality and fair opportunities for everyone. That is why we invest in funds and projects that promote these fair opportunities. Why? Because companies with a diverse team are often more innovative and perform better. And because diversity, capital and business opportunities go well together in our opinion. That is why we are co-founder of the Borski Fund, which offers venture capital to female entrepreneurs in order to increase their share in the economy."


StartGreen believes that the transition to a sustainable economy is initiated by impact entrepreneurs. People with vision, drive and guts. Because, just like us, they want to build on sustainable progress and know that this cannot be done without continuous innovation and a solid business model. That's what we invest in, investments that show that financial and social returns can be combined very well.

We are currently financing around 350 million euros in projects and companies of these changemakers. The benchmark is that they contribute to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals. StartGreen wants to be a catalyst for progress by financing major social themes such as the energy transition, diversity and circularity.

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