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At #FundRight, we’re on a mission to create a more diverse and inclusive Dutch startup ecosystem. But to be successful, we need your help. Everyone from VCs to founders to individual players in the startup world has an impact. Find out how you can take a stand for a diverse future.

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Why join #FundRight?

As a VC

Joining #FundRight means joining a community of like-minded VCs all across the Netherlands. As a member, we request that you submit yearly data monitoring the progress you’ve made towards achieving more diversity and the steps taken to foster inclusion. Data collection is not the end goal, it‘s part of the journey. We will use the analysis of this data to empower #Fundright members and the broader community with the knowledge and insights they need to make continued improvements in diversity and inclusion and inspire others to do the same.

This data submission is completely private and will not be shared or published individually. In addition, all VCs must sign and commit to our Diversity Statement.

Take a stand, and join #Fundright

It’s time to take a stand for a more inclusive future. If you’re a VC Firm based in the Netherlands, you can join the #FundRight movement by filling out your information here.

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As a supporter / an advocate / a promoter

We believe that there is power in numbers that can be harnessed through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Whether you’re an aspirational founder or an interested party who shares in our values, the doors to our community are open. By becoming a #FundRight (advocate/supporter) you can

- Share your story with us

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Are you not a VC, but a supporter of #Fundright? Shoot us a message! We love to hear your stories, and learn more about you and your journey regarding Diversity & Inclusion.

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